Two of the fastest growing categories in new home constructions are multi-room audio and home theater. It's not difficult to sell someone on the idea of relaxing in an easy chair and listening to their favorite music or movie. Destination Audio has home audio solutions to fit your budget.
Home Theater—Our speakers can be configured to provide the best performance and sound in your home theater.

Multi-room Audio—Our speakers will allow you to listen to your favorite music in almost any room of your home.

Outdoor Audio—We offer specially designed weather resistant speakers which can be mounted on the back patio, by the barbecue, the pool or anywhere else you want music outside.

Electronics—Control your multi-room audio or home theater system with our easy to use and understand volume controls.
  Destination Audio is the product of thirty years of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance audio products. Look to Destination Audio for the best in Home Theater, Multi-room Audio and Outdoor Audio!  
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