EH EXPO SPRING 2007 — March 8-10, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

Lobby Music Display and T-shirt Promotion
Destination audio sponsored the lobby music for both the spring and fall EH Expo show. We set up one of the Distributor displays (these displays are also available for Destination Audio Dealers), put in some good music, and handed out 900 T-shirts to attendees. We asked the attendees to wear these shirts instead of sticking them in their bags. A Destination Audio employee walked the show floor looking for these red T-shirts. Every time we came across some one wearing a T-shirt, we handed them an envelope. These envelopes contained cash and a coupon for 20% off their next Destination Audio purchase. Some attendees were seen numerous times and won over 100 dollars. We handed out over $1,000, and had a lot of fun.

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Destination Audio sponsored the lobby music at EH Expo spring. Above is the active display that was used. This display is available to Destination Audio Dealers for use in their show rooms.

These red t-shirts were everywhere. Thanks to the dealers who supported us by wearing these shirts.

Now where did that remote control go!!!

The Systems Depot was handing out a special
t-shirt. This t-shirt was given to the dealer who won the installers challenge. This dealer won the installers challenge and is relaxing after the show while listening to the band.

More red shirts!

Cassie Costley talking with some dealers as they wait for the exhibit hall doors to open. On the first morning of the show, we handed out over 700
t-shirts to dealers waiting for the exhibit hall to open.