IRRM Infrared Mini Receiver


The IRRM infrared mini receiver picks up infrared signals within line-of-sight, within 30 feet or so, and turns the signal into electrical impulses. These electrical impulses can be carried around the home on wires, and then turned back into infrared signals by emitters. Due to their complexity and sensitivity, infrared receivers tend to be the most expensive part of an infrared distribution system.

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• Status indicator has a green LED for system on/off indication.
• Activity indicator has a blue LED indicates IR signal activity in a
  completed circuit with an emitter.
• Requires power supply, connecting block and emitters for proper
  infrared repeater operation.
• Attaches to any flat surface using the included double-sided tape.
  The tape may be applied to the bottom flat surface of
  the IRRM to accommodate the installation.
• Power (12V DC @ 6 mA) supplied from connecting block.
• IR lens rejects visible light interference.
• Crosshatch shield (internal) inhibits EMI/ESI interference.
• Carrier frequency acceptance range is 28 to 90 kHz.
• Control range is up to 25 feet, depending on remote strength and
  ambient noise conditions. Control angle ±30˚ off axis.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Product Downloads
IRRM—IR Mini Receiver Instruction Manual
Product Specification Cut Sheet