August 1, 2008 – Destination Audio Introduces Newly Revamped F300 Series Speakers



DENVER, CO – CEDIA EXPO – Booth 110 – September 4-7, 2008 – Today, Destination Audio released details of the company’s newest speaker product, the ALW583. The ALW583 is an in-wall speaker which, the company claims, is a unique high performance solution for home theater surround sound systems where a dedicated center channel cannot be used.

“Central placement of the center channel speaker is critical for the best surround sound experience,” said Shane Rich, Destination Audio’s Technical Director. “In some cases, however, the center channel can pose an installation dilemma. Wall framing, fireplace mantles, furniture and other objects prevent a centered location of the center channel, which can negatively affect the sound quality and overall performance of the surround sound system; another factor is that some designers may wish to conceal or remove the center channel altogether. The ALW583 is the ultimate solution for instances where a center channel wouldn't’t normally be used, a pair of which can adequately provide a discreet center channel from the left and right front speaker without the use of a separate center channel speaker.” Rich also said that for situations where a third ALW583 can be used as a dedicated center channel, the ALW583 can be wired in standard configuration, which makes all drivers work together in harmony to provide a seamless front stage for an outstanding home theater surround sound system.

To guarantee excellent performance, Destination Audio’s product design team gave the ALW583 three of the company’s proprietary 5.25-inch aluminized fiberglass matrix cone woofers and two 1-inch nano-silk swivel tweeters. The ALW583’s high-frequency sound contour can be easily adjusted from just behind the attractive perforated aluminum grille, and both the grille and the outer frame can be painted to coordinate with the design of the room they’re installed into.

The ALW583 can handle up to 150 Watts, has a frequency response of 55Hz-20kHz ±3dB, and is 28.125 inches tall by 7.125 inches wide. The suggested retail price for the ALW583 is $358.00 each and it is expected to ship later this month.

About Destination Audio
Destination Audio, a privately held company headquartered in Layton Utah, is a manufacturer of audio products for residential and light commercial installations. The company offers a variety of audio solutions to fit any application and budget. Destination Audio’s products include built-in speakers, freestanding speakers, outdoor speakers and electronics. The company sells its products through a network of authorized distributors throughout the world. For more information; visit or call 800-543-2205.

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