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Multi-Room Audio –
Also know as distributed audio, multi-room audio allows you to listen to your favorite music in almost any room of your home. Additionally, multi-room audio systems eliminate the need of purchasing separate stereo systems or boom boxes for each room. A central audio rack (or closet) holds a variety of audio sources (CD players, tuners, satellite radio, media servers, etc.) and distributes the music from those audio sources to different rooms in the home. Listeners can choose which audio source they want to listen to and even control it remotely via Infrared (IR) control.

Home Theater – Home Theaters have been a fixture in homes for the last several decades. However, improvements in home theater processors, amplifiers and speakers have propelled home theaters systems into the 21st century. Destination Audio offers a variety of Home Theater solutions. These include our in-wall, in-ceiling, and freestanding products when combined provide optimal performance and sound.

Outdoor Audio – Add more life to the party with outdoor audio. Destination Audio offers specially designed weather resistant speakers that can be mounted on the back patio, by the barbecue grill or even by the pool. All of Destination Audio’s outdoor speakers are designed to withstand UV rays, humidity, moisture, dust and wind.